Knowing you are where you are supposed to be

I trekked in the Everest Region with Nick 20 years ago. I bumped into Nick in Kinja, he looked sort of familiar, but what are the chances? When I asked him have you ever been here before he answered "yes 20 years ago" I asked "is your name Nick?" He said "yes", I asked "did you trek with a guy named Ken?" He answered "yes". I couldn't believe it. I jumped up with a big smile, hand out stretched to shake his hand. "I am Steve McGrath, we trekked together 20 years ago" Took him awhile to remember, but so much fun to remember and share stories with the person you made them with.

He sent me a before photo from 20 years ago. Fantastic. So nice to know you are where you are supposed to be.


Every moment any moment

Every moment is important, any moment can change your life

Life is made up of moments and how we choose each moment is what makes up our life. Having my own will, being honest, strong and compassionate have always been the most important things for me. When I run into life challenges, I am realizing now it is because I did not honor those elements. 

It is such a privilege to travel. Something that sounds so simple and trivial is realized and only then is the magnitude of understanding appreciated. 

I loved the moment standing looking at the mountains and the monastery of Tengbouche. I love the photo, but it is a pretty reminder to me of how I felt that moment. 

- Steve





Back in Nepal once again. One of the places in my bones and through my blood. Places like this to me are  important to discover. They make life real. I am myself in purest form, this place reflects who I am back at me. This happens infrequently in my life at home. To me this is a fundamental experience I would like to experience all of the time. Right now I am grateful for this place and others like it. I am a better human and the best version of myself. I am inspired. 


Assorted photos of Brazil

Recently traveled to Brazil to do my Yoga Teacher training. Beautiful country with beautiful people. Here are some assorted photos in no specific order.

Great White Sharks

In Cape Town South Africa. I couldn't resist the urge to see some sharks. South Africa has the highest density of Great Whites in the world.

Did you know that Great White Sharks are on the top 10 most endangered species. I know, I know... I saw Jaws too. Wouldn't it be much better for humanity if they were gone? No actually, and you know it too. Predators are equally important to the eco-system as any other species. I was amazed at how smooth they moved. They circled the boat without exertion. It was a good time, I recommend it, although if I go again I am going to go when the water is clearer. 

Sentry Hut Ski trip 2013

The first of many ski touring trips. As always the key to a great trip is the great people we travel with. This group had it all, experience and knowledge, experience, athleticism, passion for the outdoors, great chefs all fun loving. Thanks all! Some photos below to share.

Traveling is like taking billions of little snapshots. For me eyes and faces create the most intense images in my mind. In those faces, in those snapshots we see a reflection of ourselves. The more open and honest we are with ourselves the more we see. There is nothing as honest as spontaneity.


Snapshots turn to stories, stories to understanding. Everyone is different yet everyone has the capacity to be the same. Yet we are so different. That is the magic of it. We laugh we smile we love.

The more faces I see the more I understand. The thing with travel is that the faces you see are new faces. New expressions new cultures new ways of seeing the world. Genuine and sincere. They still reflect familiar feelings. I love to be around cultures that live in and around natural places. Forests, jungles, desert, oceans and high in the mountains. I find those people are the most in touch with the natural world and themselves.

Traveling requires you to shed layers. Comfort, perspective, opinions, defensive layers are among some. The fewer layers I have the closer I can see the truth in life. Look into someones eyes who is genuine and honest. Someone who can see who you are immediately. This is the best part of human communication. This is life, this is where understanding begins.

A contented face is truly memorable.

Money can't buy that. You can't see it on TV. For sure you can't recognize it until you experience it. You have to see those faces to understand the wonderment.

There is inspiration everywhere. In every human being we have a mirror for ourselves. Good or bad. In every human we have the capacity for friendship. We are all on our own paths out there. There is no collective consciousness, we live as individuals yet the best experiences of your life will always be those that are shared. An honest moment spent with another human being.

These are the moments that we reflect in who we are. The richer the experience the deeper we see into ourselves.

This is how we grow.

Yoga Revelation

I want to share a yoga story. About 4 years ago I started yoga because of a serious back injury. I immediately fell in love with the practice. I started the same time as another guy, I still don't know his name, but often in yoga you watch what others are doing to help move into a pose. We were both equally novice at it, not very flexible, that sort of thing.

I was super keen for about a year, life became busy and I lost discipline and only went to the studio every once in awhile over the next 2 years. Determined to immerse myself in it again I refocused to do more. So there I was, three years after starting, in the studio with renewed vigour. I see the guy I started with, he has been practicing regularly for 3+ years now, he is super fit, ripped, and I am slightly disappointed in myself, thinking why didn't I keep going? 

The practice begins and every once in awhile I look over and see where he is at, he hasn't really improved much at all. It was quite a shock. Even me out of practice he wasn't much better than me, I know you aren't supposed to compare, but what a a huge epiphany. It really doesn't matter how good you are at Yoga, you just have to do it. 

In yoga as in life.