A little gift of life

Journal Entry: Mar 29 1999
Ajaccio Corsica
Today I had a warm moment. I was crossing a busy road on the way back from buying groceries. Halfway across the road hiding in between the lanes was a little white kitten crunched up totally immobilized with fear. I am not certain the best term to use but that kitten was as imbedded into the concrete as fear could get it. Terrified big eyes looked up at me overwhelmed at the situation. I approached quickly, bent over and scooped her up under her belly. Her heart was pounding but she was relaxed in my arm. I must have been a pillar of confidence. Imagine me being a protector and savior to a small animal doomed to being squished by a high-speed automobile.

The little white kitty with splashes of black and brown, tiny little paws and big eyes new to looking at this world was learning that this road was not a good place to be. At first I walked her across the road and let her loose by the beach. She didn’t like that one bit, mewing and looking back to the other side. So I picked her up and re-crossed the busy lanes. This little bundle of fur was happy. I could tell in her disposition she felt safe, comfortable and glad to be where she was. Totally content, not even a squirm.

It made me happy to help but it also made me feel worthy of something. Like I belonged. I want to care for something other than myself and making money. This kitten inspired a very good feeling in me. It warmed my heart and that I had connected with this little creature. I would really liked to have kept her and had a little travel companion. I wonder if I could? Perhaps I will go back and look for her again. Maybe now she has found a new home, if she didn’t already a have one. Where I left her looked promising. I walked a block off the main road and found an apartment complex. Out front were great flower gardens harboring great cat hiding places. When I put her down she seemed to be in familiar territory. Quickly disappearing into a patch of flowers. I hope she was just scared and mistakenly crossed the road. I hope no one put her there to die. I think I know how that kitten must have felt. I wish sometimes someone would just come along and carry me to a nice safe patch of flowers.