Traveling is like taking billions of little snapshots. For me eyes and faces create the most intense images in my mind. In those faces, in those snapshots we see a reflection of ourselves. The more open and honest we are with ourselves the more we see. There is nothing as honest as spontaneity.


Snapshots turn to stories, stories to understanding. Everyone is different yet everyone has the capacity to be the same. Yet we are so different. That is the magic of it. We laugh we smile we love.

The more faces I see the more I understand. The thing with travel is that the faces you see are new faces. New expressions new cultures new ways of seeing the world. Genuine and sincere. They still reflect familiar feelings. I love to be around cultures that live in and around natural places. Forests, jungles, desert, oceans and high in the mountains. I find those people are the most in touch with the natural world and themselves.

Traveling requires you to shed layers. Comfort, perspective, opinions, defensive layers are among some. The fewer layers I have the closer I can see the truth in life. Look into someones eyes who is genuine and honest. Someone who can see who you are immediately. This is the best part of human communication. This is life, this is where understanding begins.

A contented face is truly memorable.

Money can't buy that. You can't see it on TV. For sure you can't recognize it until you experience it. You have to see those faces to understand the wonderment.

There is inspiration everywhere. In every human being we have a mirror for ourselves. Good or bad. In every human we have the capacity for friendship. We are all on our own paths out there. There is no collective consciousness, we live as individuals yet the best experiences of your life will always be those that are shared. An honest moment spent with another human being.

These are the moments that we reflect in who we are. The richer the experience the deeper we see into ourselves.

This is how we grow.