Every moment any moment

Every moment is important, any moment can change your life

Life is made up of moments and how we choose each moment is what makes up our life. Having my own will, being honest, strong and compassionate have always been the most important things for me. When I run into life challenges, I am realizing now it is because I did not honor those elements. 

It is such a privilege to travel. Something that sounds so simple and trivial is realized and only then is the magnitude of understanding appreciated. 

I loved the moment standing looking at the mountains and the monastery of Tengbouche. I love the photo, but it is a pretty reminder to me of how I felt that moment. 

- Steve




Assorted photos of Brazil

Recently traveled to Brazil to do my Yoga Teacher training. Beautiful country with beautiful people. Here are some assorted photos in no specific order.

Great White Sharks

In Cape Town South Africa. I couldn't resist the urge to see some sharks. South Africa has the highest density of Great Whites in the world.

Did you know that Great White Sharks are on the top 10 most endangered species. I know, I know... I saw Jaws too. Wouldn't it be much better for humanity if they were gone? No actually, and you know it too. Predators are equally important to the eco-system as any other species. I was amazed at how smooth they moved. They circled the boat without exertion. It was a good time, I recommend it, although if I go again I am going to go when the water is clearer.